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Product Description

30 denier – thin lace, very fine, sheer, bigger holes than 20d, smaller holes than 15d this listing

15 denier – very thin lace, very fine. sheer, bigger holes than 30d, = this listing
20 denier – medium strength, sheer, smaller holes than 15d, smaller holes than 30d
20 denier coated – Strength, feels similar to 40 denier, smaller holes than 15d and 30d
40 denier – strength, similar holes to 20d but stronger

15 denier – very fine, very thin,

20 denier – some strength

30 denier, – very thin, very fine

40 denier – some strength

20 denier coated (strengthened)

   (quarter meter)

1/4 meter This is a small sheet of lace which is enough for 1 or 2 wigs depending on your style. It measures roughly 18 inches length by 11.5 inches width (46cm X 30 cm roughly)

Shipping & Delivery

We aim to ship all items within 24 hours of placing an order Monday to Friday. In very rare cases it could be within 48 hours of placing an order. 

Delivery time is different as it is determined by the carrier. 

(30 denier) HD Lace. Fine Front Lace. Invisible Frontline-tulle 1/4 Meter

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